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DNA Activation

Raise your vibe

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

― Nikola Tesla

Vibrational Scale
Raise your frequency

Everything in the universe is measured according to a vibrational scale. Our frequency is continuously fluctuating according to so many different factors every single day. The main goal to keeping a healthy mind, body, soul and spirit is keeping our frequency & vibration as high as we possibly can. Let's face it, life is stressful on planet earth and we are always up against so many obstacles & challenges especially during these times of distress & change. It is so important more than ever to focus on our healing & raising our vibration! 

Every time we even think a negative thought we lose -12 MHz to our current frequency. No pressure!  Whereas a positive thought will add +10MHz to your current vibration. Certain foods we eat, the water we drink, the stress from our daily lives, the grief we carry, the unhealed karma stored in our subconscious minds, our unintegrated shadow self all drops our vibration. When our vibration is low this puts us in a downward energetic spiral blocking us from accessing our higher-self and our connection to source.  


A healthy human body vibrates between 62-78 MHz. An unhealthy human body 59 MHz. Cancer vibrates at 42 MHz and meditation and prayer around 77-83 MHz. The absolute most important goal is to cleanse, heal, purify, transcend & 

balance all that is not in alignment to our higher self.

We must raise our vibration and frequency to a higher harmonic scale because once we do we will begin to heal dis-ease, access higher levels of our consciousness, activate our light body and restore ourselves back into our natural harmonic state of homeostasis and equilibrium where we will then activate higher levels of our multidimensional being. 

The human body is an incredible system! Just think about everything it does for us.  After all, we are made in the "image of God" - just think about how powerful that statement is! Unfortunately, there has been so much sickness, disease and suffering on this planet for so many years and the truth about our existence has been hidden from us because the powers that "were" don't want us to know just how POWERFUL we are.  A dark force has kept us disconnected from our true connection to God but all that is changing.  A new energy and vibration entered our beautiful planet on December 21st, 2012, ending the old time-line and ushering in a brand new paradigm.  Whether anyone realizes this, or not, so many awakened souls have chosen to come back to planet earth to experience this amazing shift in consciousness, our planet's Ascension!

Let me repeat the above statement, "We are made in the image of God!"  That's right!  This means our bodies have the ability to heal itself from disease and suffering, and we have the ability to live a happy and peaceful life filled with joy and magic!  By choosing a lifestyle where all our main components are integrated (mind, body, soul and spirit) we can learn to bring all of our energy bodies (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual)  back into balance, allowing in the vital life force energy which directly comes from God Source.  This is where the true healing begins.  Most people don't realize their negative thoughts & unintegrated shadow, bad choices and actions, unresolved karmic issues, lack of self-love and self-worth and, most of all, their disconnection to the God source is what's preventing them from living their fullest potential.  Yes, you can live a life of peace, good health, love, happiness and joy which is what God wants for us.  The love and power of our God-given abilities are always there for the taking, we just have to get out of our own way and allow the Divine to work through us. 


There is an incredible invisible force that connects everything in our entire universe. We are woven together by invisible energy strands, atoms and spirit molecules that ebb and flow and breath a powerful life force into all of creation.  As human beings we only have a very small understanding of how our universe and existence works. Everything is energy. Everything is measured in frequency and vibration. Each cell vibrates at a certain frequency. When our emotions get repressed this energy gets recirculated over and over on the inside of our bodies, wreaking havoc on our immune system and organs.  When our mind, body and soul is filled up with negativity and toxins, whether it's from negative cords, soul fragments, unhealthy diet, unhealthy thoughts, emotions or boundaries of others in our life, this lowers our vibration, leaving us open to sickness, disease, depression, anxiety, entity attachments and a wide array of negative ailments that prevent us from evolving and living our best life while in this physical body. This prevents us from achieving what we came here to do - evolve & ascend.

We are taught to give all of our attention to our physical body not realizing that everything starts and trickles down from our spirit body. When our spirit body isn't being charged, nurtured and tended too, our physical bodies pay the price. For true wellness and optimal living we must balance our Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit as one beautiful unit. Maintaining a high vibration is key to health, happiness and evolution. To be able to fully embody healing at the highest level we must work on the spirit body and energy fields while getting to the core of all manifested issues. Once we find the "core wound" of where the imbalances are stemming from by evaluating, cleansing, clearing and repairing all bodies (mind, body, soul, spirit and etheric bodies) then the true magic and harmony of your being can manifest and flourish at full capacity.

I use high vibrational healing, energy techniques and spiritual tools such as intuitive channeling, astrology & numerology as well as do intensive and thorough evaluation of your life using a process I call "life review". This process allows me to locate life lessons, karmic bonds and contracts, blockages, attachments and areas in your life, body and energy fields that are holding a lower vibration and keeping you stuck in a karmic loop of sickness, negativity, sadness, anger, stagnation and preventing you from living your true, authentic and joyful life. 

Are you ready to raise your vibration, activate your Light Body and live the life you always imagined?


Are you ready to prepare for your souls Evolution & Ascension?

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