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"single greatest health science breakthrough of our lifetime".


Are you or your loved ones experiencing chronic sickness, ailments  or health issues and are looking for something that could potentially turn your life around? Are you ready to experience an upgrade in your overall health, energy, vitality and feel more balanced in your mind, body, soul and spirit than you could ever dream and imagine? This is not just another typical "sales pitch" where we are here to push you or convince you to buy a product. The fact that you are here reading this right now is a sign and a message from your guardian angels and if you believe in fate and things happening for a reason, like we do, then know that it was your very own spirit guides and intuition that led you here.  

This incredible liquid light is a technology that literally assists in signaling new cells within your body and there is nothing like it in the world! By the time we are 10 years old we already stop producing redox by 10%. By age 50 it's 50 percent less and by the age of 70 we are only producing 10% of redox molecules, this is partly why we rapidly age! Redox molecules are the molecules of life and if we were to exist without them for only 3 seconds we would literally die. This is how incredibly important to our overall health and longevity they are and Science has figured out a way to recreate them outside of the body for us to ingest and replenish, rejuvenate and rebirth us back to our highest state of optimal health!
Asea Redox Molecules
Everything in life starts on a cellular level, we can take all the vitamins, supplements and products in the world but if we do not have proper cell functioning and communication, we won't be able to get very far. This miraculous and profound breakthrough technology is liquid life force (the molecules of life) in a bottle and is the only technology like it in the world.

ASEA’s breakthrough technology provides critical communication and connection between cells, which ensures optimal revitalization and renewal, and supports the development of healthy, new cells. It is the only supplement in the world certified by a third-party lab to contain redox molecules. Supplementing with four ounces of ASEA redox every day may improve health at a genetic level, positively affecting gene expression in the entire body, helping to rejuvenate, protect, and keep cellular function at optimal levels. From the first day you start supplementing with it, ASEA water can positively impact every bodily system. ASEA has created a patented technology that restructures salt and water to produce life-sustaining Redox Molecules in a drinkable supplement. Anyone can drink it of all ages, even our beloved pets because it is naturally produced inside of our bodies. And since it is natural it does not interfere with any other medications or supplements one is taking for their health needs. 

The whole world must know about this liquid light because it is here to help heal the health of a chronically sick, fatigued, dis-eased and unhealthy humanity, back to their optimal state, as God Source intended. The results and success stories are astonishing!



*Supports the vital activity of cellular communication

*Protects against free radical damage

*Promotes enhanced cellular & immune function

*Boosts the bodies production of Glutathione by 800%

*Modulate and balance hormones to support wellness & vitality

*Improve production of digestive enzymes and gut health

*Maintain a healthier inflammatory response

*Improves sleep, energy levels and dreams

*Help support artery elasticity and cardiovascular health

*Renews, rejuvenates, restores & age rewinds your skin
The prophecies predicted that a time would arrive on planet earth where the inhabitants would re-awaken and remember the truth of our inner God technology and the innate power that is within our very own DNA. A time where the human angels would be reunited with the divine frequency of our soul, connect back to our higher hearts, return back to our natural state of love, peace, joy, abundance and perfect health, balance and equilibrium. A time where we would have access to an array of spiritual technologies that we once had in our ancient times that would assist in healing, cleansing, clearing, transmuting, alchemizing and restoring our mind, body, soul, spirit, cells and DNA back to perfection.We have reached that time we have all dreamed of. Although we are in the beginning stages and have so much work to do to heal, restore and repair our bodies, there are many benevolent gifts and treasures being delivered to humanity to assist in our healing and evolution as we leave a long period of darkness and enter back into an age of light. It is time to take our power back in our own hands and remember just how powerful we are and know that perfect health, balance, life force, vitality, wholeness and longevity is our divine birthright. It is time to reclaim it! 
Spiritual Awakening

Asea Advancing Life Foundation

We will not be truly free until every child is safe on this
planet and the children of God are free from suffering.

Do you want to be a part of a team that helps put an end to hunger, suffering, human trafficking, abuse & poverty?  It is our duty to come together in unity to help heal the world together!  For us to truly be able to embody Heaven on Earth once again, we need to work harder to build the foundation, template and structure that will bring the New Earth and New Eden into manifestation.  Let us start by bringing and raising awareness to all crimes against humanity and imbalances in our world, and participate, donate and support incredible foundations who are working so hard to help heal the world!

"The ASEA Advancing Life Foundation provides both funding and manpower to support the efforts of charities around the world. In developing countries, we partner with organizations which address issues such as extreme poverty or who partner with local villagers to develop clean water, infrastructure, food insecurities and ongoing education. In other parts of the world where that is not an issue, we seek out partners that support the needs and relief of children and families in need."

Let us unite to protect the children of our future and bring
peace and healing to the hearts and souls of humanity. 

Human Trafficking Awareness
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