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Hieros Gamos

The importance of divine partnerships, sacred relationships & Hiero-Gamic union as a
direct portal to Christ Consciousness and our highest spiritual embodiment of ascension. 

Ajna Love & her sacred partner Saha 'RA take you on an intimate journey through the higher heart as they share their incredible story of Divine Synchronicity, how their souls reunited again in this lifetime & how they tirelessly have worked on overcoming karma, path cutting and self-mastery that ultimately led them to their purpose & spiritual mission in sacred marriage as planetary stewards in full devotion to Gods Eternal Divine Plan. They also share the higher perspectives and importance of a Sacred Marriage and Hiero Gamic Union as a conduit to the awakening and liberation of humanity as well as their simultaneous awakening, breaking karmic cycles, relationship mirroring and their devotion to their highest spiritual Krystic path being of service to humanity during the most incredible shift in consciousness we’ve witnessed!


Jenna Ajna Love & Saha 'RA - Twin Flames - Divine Union
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