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Emerald Heart Tribe





These times of our reawakening on planet earth can feel very intense, painful, confusing, lonely, exhausting and overwhelming, especially if we do not have the support that is needed to help us get through these times with more ease, knowing we are not alone in this process of rebirth.  We are all uncovering, unraveling and transcending eons of trauma and distortions from DNA digression, ancestral miasma, layers of accumulated karma, retrieving our lost soul fragments, healing wounds of abandonment, separation and betrayal, clearing lunar and shadow distortions of mind-control programming, negative belief systems, sexual misery programming and so much more! We are in the process of accessing and activating the depths of our heart chambers, reconnecting back to our soul and spirit, and learning to love ourselves again as we return to unity consciousness and the sacred ways of love. It is so important for our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health to feel loved, nurtured, supported and safely guided in our journey of healing.  


During these potent times of our evolutionary shift and liberation from our fallen state of consciousness, we are being reactivated into our remembrance of our creation and the true nature of our divinity. The amount of healing that is taking place within ourselves and the entire collective consciousness is unprecedented! We are reconnecting back to God and spirit, and this is the most incredible homecoming, however, we all still have so much work to do in our healing and rehabilitation and it is so important that we unite in love, gathering our higher Emerald Crystal Hearts with the intention to heal, grow, evolve, ascend and become the best possible versions of ourselves so we can be way-showers of Gods love and bring heaven back to earth.


Every human was created with an Emerald Crystal within us which is our eternal heart flame of light that always kept us connected to our God parents while we were traversing the underworld and the dark Aeon. This Emerald crystal would allow us to always find our way back home. The Emerald Heart within our planet, and within all human beings, has been reignited during this stellar activation ascension cycle, and we are in the midst of an Emerald Awakening through the Emerald Covenant which is reuniting us with God and returning us back to our original spiritual home.


Emerald Heart Tribe is a spiritual support group and sacred Krystal Frequency Hub held within the Emerald Krystal Cathedral Temple that holds the purest, loving vibration, that is a safe place to gather and share our hearts in vulnerability as we all continue to traverse these bittersweet times of our evolutionary shift and spiritual ascension process. We are all unraveling, healing, processing and alchemizing so many layers of our existence during these transformational times and so many are still working through their personal initiations and feeling alone in the process. 

Our support group will be lovingly held and facilitated by spiritual steward, Ajna Love, with the purest intention to create a living light container holding the highest frequency of unconditional love and compassionate support. Ajna will lead the group in sacred prayer, guided group meditation and gridwork, spiritual stewardship & guidance as we all connect our hearts, souls and light-body with the intention of providing healing, support, wisdom and spiritual alchemy through our ability to hold light and ceremonial space for all who are within the Emerald Heart Tribe living light frequency hub. Jenna will also be touching on current themes, collective field energetics, ascension updates and Guardian teachings during our gatherings, and will open the container for personal heart shares and Q&A to further assist you on your ascension journey. 

Our Emerald Heart containers are open to all souls who are on the spiritual awakening and ascension path (Earthseeds, Starseeds, Lightworkers and Truthseekers), and are looking for support, guidance and heart medicine as well as to connect with fellow tribe, as we all come together with the intentions to heal, expand and activate our higher Emerald Crystal Hearts together.


Emerald Heart Tribe support group is held in the Emerald Temple on zoom.  An email with the dates and details to join, and a payment link for a $44 offering will be sent out prior to every gathering. Join our tribe and let us heal, grow and evolve together and create the most magnificent crystalline light grid across the entire globe. Emerald Heart Tribe is open to men & women of all ages. 

Sign up here to join the Emerald Heart Tribe! 


It is requested that those who join the Emerald Heart Tribe are committed to their healing and spiritual journey and aligned to the frequency of the sacred Law of One. All must adhere to the Spirits of Christs which consists of 1. Purity 2. Generosity 3. Patience 4. Kindness 5. Discipline/Conservation 6. Diligence 7. Humility. All participants who enter this sacred living light container agree to following these sacred guidelines with love, integrity and respect to all involved within this group field. 

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