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Energy work

Healing Temple Offerings

"A healer is not someone that you go to for healing. A healer is someone that triggers within you, your own ability to heal yourself."

Be the Light
Life Review
Past Life

Have you ever wondered what karmic lessons, contracts and patterns you may still be carrying from your past life? What we do not heal and transcend in our last incarnation will come with us into our next and we will keep repeating the same karmic loops. This healing explores the depths of your being through a very extensive "life review process" assisting in locating your  biggest life-lessons, unresolved issues, karmic patterns, contracts, negative and disharmonious distortions in your energy bodies and past life karmic patterns that will allow us to locate any blocks preventing you from healing and evolving. Using my gifts of mediumship, auto-writingastrology, numerology and energy field assessment, this healing offering will assist you in understanding your patterns, behaviors, emotions and personal frequency as we go on a journey together through the timeline of your life using various questions for contemplation. 


This life review is an incredible tool for your healing journey and will aid in awareness and integration by uncovering those unhealed, hidden and subconscious aspects that are blocking you from fully stepping into your souls true life purpose and highest spiritual mission.

Online. Energy field reading, analysis & assessment will be emailed in several channeled transmissions and several email follow ups with 1 closing live zoom call.  This booking is done over several weeks. Once the session is booked you will receive an introductory email with details within 24 hrs.

Universal Time Matrix

Q&A: Do you want to learn more about our Ascension, Galactic History and the story of our creation? Are you confused, feel misguided and don't know where to turn during this incredible evolutionary shift? Do you have questions that you would like clarification on as it pertains to our ascension & cosmic origins?


We are living through the end times prophecy, the final battle, the revelation and enduring high levels of spiritual warfare with massive amounts of confusion everywhere you turn. It is so important that we understand both the light and the dark within this polarity system and understand the nature of our reality and what is happening to humanity during this evolutionary cycle. There is much deception, infiltration and hijack within all facets of our reality. Discernment is one of our biggest assets during this shift into the Golden Age timeline. I provide a one hour zoom call Q&A style where I answer any questions you may have to help bring clarity and to provide you with treasures of wisdom codes to assist you on your awakening, spiritual and ascension journey.


Online. 1 hour zoom call. Once the session is booked you will receive an introductory email with details within 24 hrs.

Spiritual Guidance & Quantum
Soul Reading

*Most popular. Personal life consultation, ascension guidance, and mentoring providing a higher spiritual perspective, quantum soul reading, analysis of your personal energy fields, etheric body energy scan, clearing and entity/tag/implant removal to assist you on your life path. We will address your questions and concerns around your spiritual awakening, personal life journey and ascension path designed to provide you with the love, wisdom, support and higher spiritual guidance to help lead you to your souls highest mission and spiritual embodiment.  I use my gift of tapping into your energy fields and hologram through the technique of auto-writing which is a form of channeling, where I direct stream line downloads from my higher self spiritual council and translate during our session.


Longer mentorships are available, inquire for more information. 

Online. 1 -2 hour zoom call. Once the session is booked you will receive an introductory email with details within 24 hrs.


Healing Hands
Lightbody Activation - Growing our 6D and 7D wings


Diet, Health &
for Lightbody

Full health assessment. An in depth analysis and life review of your current health, wellness, diet/nutrition, ailments and daily fitness flow with an entire optimized plan offering wellness guidance and direction that focuses on diet, detoxification, purification, raising your vibration & light quotient and bringing your health and energy levels to the most optimal function. This optimization will provide a wellness re-education, revamping and rebirthing that will prepare your physical vessel for the next stage of your spiritual embodiment as we continue to move into the higher frequencies. As our bodies shift from carbon to crystalline structure, it is of great importance that we purify our body temple and assist them in the healing process. 

*Includes: Vaccine Injury Detoxification Protocols & Ascension/Lightbody Diet. 

Online. Analysis & assessment will be emailed as PDF for future reference with follow up email, call or Zoom. You will also receive several voice transmissions. Once the session is booked you will receive an introductory email with details within 24 hrs.

In this session we will open with a powerful guided meditation shielding technique activating your 12th Dimensional Christos Maharata Shield that is connected to our Avatar Christ Matrix and assists in growing the lightbody and running all 144 subharmonic strings within all 12 dimensions of this Universal Time Matrix. The 12D shield is also the most potent tool for protection on the planet. We will move into a highly advanced energy field scan that focuses on the full lightbody architecture, 12 Tree Grid, 15 Dimensional Chakra System, energetic blueprint and the nadis electrical system that receives and transmits frequency within the etheric body to help stabilize, recalibrate, upgrade, calm and balance the nervous system to assist in bringing harmonic resonance to ones overall state of being and bio-energy field.  I will use this powerful energy technique to assist in extracting blocked, stagnant and stuck energy within the etheric layer which opens one up to more comfortably and more openly receive and embody the higher incoming ascension frequencies into their physical body and lightbody. *This healing is especially great for intuitive empaths, Indigo adults and children, Starseeds and those with extremely sensitive nervous systems. 

Online & In Person. 1 hour zoom call. Also offering in person sessions for locals. Once the session is booked you will receive an introductory email with details within 24 hrs.

My shadow workbook is a very intensive and personal guide for one to delve deep within the subconscious layers, addressing the internal pain, memories, trauma wounds and overlays within your emotional body that have been pushed aside, repressed and hidden within the corners of your past. I have carefully and thoughtfully orchestrated a workbook consisting of very targeted questions that will allow you to truly connect to those deep layers within yourself with the goal of bringing all the pain, trauma, patterns, habits and negative distortions to your conscious mind for the ultimate clearing, healing, purification and spiritual transformation. This workbook is an amazing tool for those already committed to their shadow work and healing journey and just want that extra guidance.

*The shadow workbook is in a PDF format and will be emailed to you. 







Available to cleanse, clear, purify, transmute and alchemize your home, office, business, yoga studio, land or any space that is in need for a deep clearing, balancing and removal of negative energy, entities, attachments and cords. In this clearing Jenna Ajna & Saha RA will create a shadow vortex to remove all unwanted energies and entities, use sacred chanting, sacred herbs, mantra and intention to renew, revitalize and restore your space to its highest vibrational frequency.


In person session. Price varies depending upon miles. Once the session is booked you will receive an introductory email with details within 24 hrs.

Christ Consciousness
Session Healing Experience

A magical custom-tailored 1 hour healing experience created specifically for your energetic template and physical & spiritual needs. I connect with each clients energy fields and customize the healing after an energy assessment.  This session consists of a variety of high vibrational healing modalities including pranic breathwork, guided meditation, etheric energy clearing, reiki movement & sacred sound healing that moves stagnant chi and blockages within your cells & chakras, alleviates pain, raises your vibration and realigns and awakens your energy bodies for rapid healing and expansion. Also includes, infrared biomat, essential oil therapy & medical grade healing water.

*In person. Sessions are accompanied by my beloved sacred partner Saha 'RA, who leads a shamanic journey and sound therapy. Once the session is booked you will receive an introductory email with details within 24 hrs.



In this session we will explore the journey of your life through a powerful soul share exploring the depths of your evolutionary path by soul mapping karmic imprints, habits, corded filaments, discordant and harmonious energies and locate all shadow form overlays and astral thought patterns that could be blocking you from accessing your fullest spiritual potential and embodiment. We will travel the depths of your energetic signature and shine a light on all potentials and patterns that will lead you to your biggest life lessons, contracts and ultimately, your purpose and highest spiritual mission for your ascension journey.

Online. 1  hour zoom call. Once the session is booked you will receive an opening email with details within 24 hrs.



The Diamond Sun Package consists of a combination of Past Life Nodal Analysis, Spiritual Guidance & Quantum Soul Reading Session with Etheric Surgery Bio-Energy Healing Upgrade, Shadow Workbook and Health/Wellness Optimization for Light-body Activation.  This offering will be done over 1-2 months and is a combination of voice transmissions, emails and zoom calls. Diamond Sun is incredible for those who are very serious about accelerating your ascension journey and Soul/Monadic activation, as well as for Starseeds, Indigos & Lightworkers to help strengthen and activate your Tree of Life Lightbody Architecture and multidimensional anatomy through advanced Bio Spiritual Regenesis and deep soul retrieval and healing that will amplify your spiritual embodiment, and pave the way for you to become more refined, advanced spiritual leaders and conduits of Source light.

*Once the session is booked you will receive an introductory email with details within 24 hrs.

Twin Flames
Spirit Journey


Transcendance Spirit Journey
with Jenna Ajna & Saha 'RA


Using the alchemy of sacred sound, pranic breath work & etheric energy healing to connect your mind-body-soul-spirit in sacred marriage, inducing a high capacity for healing, higher heart activation, consciousness expansion and transformation. 

Sacred twin soul partners, Jenna Ajna and Saha 'RA take you on a beautiful, mystical & transcendental spirit journey using the  transformative healing properties of deep pranic kundalini activating breath work, Chi gong, guided meditation, the divine frequencies of sacred sound and shamanic journey, etheric energy healing and a heart opening healing circle where all have the opportunity to hold space for one another as we join our higher hearts in sacred union.

*Available for yoga studios, health centers, special events, 
gatherings & one-on-one or couples sessions.

($253 SAVINGS!)
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