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Earth Mission

"We are citizens of the Universe helping to raise the vibration of LOVE on earth"

Meet Ajna Love

Jenna Ajna Love

Ajna Love is an Indigo-Starseed in full service as a spiritual steward and wayshower of God/Goddess and the Krystic Rehabilitation mission on earth. She has been in training her entire life (lifetimes) for this role and she is humbled & honored to be of highest spiritual service during these times of ascension. She is a conduit of Source Energy here to assist all souls who have chosen personal ascension in their ability to embody and transmit higher frequency. Ajna offers an array of healing guidance and modalities all designed to lead one to their highest state of spiritual embodiment through deep cellular clearing, self-mastery mentoring, energy body integration, light-body and frequency activation, consciousness expansion,  karma and trauma healing and re-education of their innate power and inner God technology.  Her mission is to assist in the restoration and healing of the heart & soul of humanity as a Cosmic Oracle paving the way for planetary liberation into the Golden Age by activating remembrance of ones innate love, light, wisdom & power that each person holds within their inner spiritual temple.


A bridge between the old world and the new, Ajna's mission is to help restore love, unity and the Law of One back on planet Earth, while lovingly & gently hand holding all who forgot who they are and got lost in the dark. She has personally assisted thousands of beautiful souls on their journey, helping them to remember who they are and reminding them that they are their own healers and have everything they need within their God code (DNA). Her nurturing, loving spirit and gentle way of teaching and healing allows everyone to feel the presence of our Divine Mother Sophia activating through her spirit and she has been called an Angel of Earth by many.

Ajna has been a full-time student of the cosmos, studying the mechanics of sacred spiritual science, ascension technologies and ancient wisdom and working full-time on self-mastery faithfully for the last 13 years, but her whole life has been a full-time healing journey of self-mastery, research, reactivation and integration process of her sacred mission and highest spiritual embodiment. She is a natural born intuitive empath and was tapping into her higher sensory perception and mediumistic abilities at a very young age. She has worked with some of the most advanced an incredible teachers of our time including Lisa Renee, David Icke, The Law of One material and various esoteric studies, and has deeply connected to the Guardian material through direct guidance, intensive study, application and embodiment. She is also a certified Reiki Master, Etheric Energy Healer, Astrologer and health & wellness specialist. Ajna dedicates every waking moment to clearing distortions within her energy bodies so she can fully embody Christos Sophia and anchor the incoming light codes & higher Aurora Krystal frequencies, acting as a starseeded conductor, transmitter, harmonizer and energetic medium of higher frequency for our beloved earth & her inhabitants.

Ajna walks a path of full devotion alongside of her Sacred Partner and Twin Soul, Saha RA, both in full dedication to divine union with self and each other, serving God Source, the Law of One and the Krystic path in alignment to the frequency of unconditional love, truth, light, integrity, honor and unity consciousness. Together they offer their combined electromagnetic waves of healing power as facilitators, sound healers, spiritual mentors and wisdom keepers, assisting all souls who are drawn into their field.  Ajna is also a musician, singer-songwriter, artist & dancer. The first half of her life was dedicated to a full-time successful music career. Now she enjoys creating and producing music that provides wisdom and activation codes and loves ballroom and hiphop dancing with her beloved on her free time. 

The true healer & Wayshower of God has had firsthand experience with the darkness and the Divine – they have been to hell, to heaven and everywhere in-between, and understands the true alchemy of the spiritual journey from the physical reality to the ethers and has given their lives fully as a conduit of God Source energy.  Ajna Love hopes you will join her on the ascent back to the kingdom of Heaven on Earth as we all walk each other back home.

Meet Saha 'RA

Saha 'RA

Namaste. I identify as Saha RA and I am the Twin Soul of my beloved divine partner, Ajna Love.  I have been walking the path of light alongside my beautiful love for 15 years after the first time I looked into my beloved's eyes, traveled her soul, and was overtaken by a wave of white light that instantly elevated me to a state of remembrance. Our love was so familiar! We experienced incredible synchronicities and had many spiritual experiences where we both knew we were together before in other lives. We knew we were here to  reunite in Divine union during these times to assist humanity in the embodiment and balancing of our divine masculine and feminine and embody the codes of Christos Sophia.  All the layers of my old 3D identity faded away immediately and I instantly had a rebirth and awakening that expanded my heart and consciousness beyond anything I ever imagined. 


I also had my own (white light) experience during a health crisis when I collapsed and my heart stopped beating for a moment. As I was being pulled to the other side I was engulfed in white light. Death of this body was beckoning me in those few moments but my soul knew that I was not ready to leave and was on a soul mission to be here during these times of ascension.  I heard my beloved's voice in my ear crying for me to come back to her and I immediately returned to my body and came out of that experience a changed man. 




I offer my heart, wisdom, experience and guidance as a spiritual life coach, consultant and mentor applying the spiritual ethics and principles of the Law of One, walking a devotional spiritual path into your personal and business relationships. I share my personal story of how I escaped the matrix, having worked on Wall Street and being a part of a very corrupt system in the material world, and how I had to lose everything attached to my old identity to truly be re-birthed as this new evolved being I have become. From rags-to-riches to riches-to-rags, through my reconnection to spirit and love I am now clothed in the ultimate garment and the spiritual wealth I have gained is priceless. 


I lead sacred healing ceremonies alongside my beloved partner Ajna, applying my love for shamanic journeying, sound healing & Qigong, offer sacred relationship guidance sharing the values and experiences I have applied within my own sacred union and assist in bringing the divine masculine and feminine back into wholeness. I love sharing our personal love story and how we transformed ourselves and our lives through our deeply heartfelt love we have for each other, the commitment and willingness to face all of our own darkness in full surrender and devotion to each other and our path. 


I am extremely passionate about sharing the incredible benefits of some of the most amazing healing water on the planet as a structured healing water educator and distributor. I also love educating and guiding others to the one and only Redox Signaling supplement on the planet, Asea. It is an honor acting as a conduit of the incredible, miraculous healing power I have witnessed in others who take this amazing liquid light, and I am soulfully motivated to extend the wisdom, cellular healing and life force vitality and transformation to others.  My connection to my beloved Twin Soul is the most sacred gift I could have ever asked for. When I fell into the trenches of the underworld, she was the angel that safely guided me back to myself and the catalyst to the remembrance of my own light. I am beyond grateful to be walking alongside her, sharing our heart-filled offerings with others who cross our journey as true spiritual stewards and way-showers of the Krystic path. 


I look forward to connecting with you all. 

May you walk in peace

Saha 'RA

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”


Twin Flames
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