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Are you tired of attracting karmic relationships based on trauma bonds, co-dependency and unresolved pain? Do you deeply desire to manifest your sacred King or Queen in the highest frequency of Divine Love or to heal, uplift and bring your current relationship to the highest spiritual embodiment of Hieros Gamos, sacred spiritual marriage? By the end of this course you will have a clear understanding about all types of relationships and learn keys, tools & energetic steps to take in manifesting your sacred divine partnership. 

With 15 years of real life experience, embodiment and relationship wisdom & mastery your teachers &  couple, Ajna & Saha Love, have compiled the most inspiring, beneficial & activating course that is guaranteed to change your life, assist in understanding yourself and the dynamic of relationships and manifest your highest potential for divine love like never before!


Are you tired of attracting karmic relationships based on trauma bonds of fears, codependency and unresolved pain?

Do you want to learn the difference between Karmic relationships, Soulmates & true sacred Hiero Gamic Twin Flame Love?


Are you ready to manifest your sacred partner or enliven your current relationship by becoming a sacrament of devotion to God while building a spiritual temple together for your ascension?  

Do you want to discover what a true sacred relationship is and how this union becomes an initiation to both you and your beloveds highest spiritual path? 

Do you want to learn how higher heart love & sacred sexuality is the portal to ascension?

Do you want to become a portal of anchoring Sacred Love on earth?


This potent masterclass is for Divine Feminine & Divine Masculines!

The wisdom in this course will activate your deepest codes of Divine Love within your DNA!

In this Course you will:

*Learn the difference between karmic, soulmate & divine sacred spiritual unions


*Learn the steps to take that will assist in healing trauma wounds and blocks within yourself so that you can raise your frequency to become a conduit for manifesting divine love

*Learn how to resolve fears of deep intimacy, vulnernability & surrender and the steps to clear & heal  dysfunctions based on pain, fear and unresolved emotional issues

*Learn the most important components to acheiving a healthy, soulful, long lasting relationship built on Krystic Principles of higher love

*Learn how Sacred Relationships become a catalyst and rites of passage to spiritual initiation and ascension

*Learn how to heal sexual trauma through heart centered love and sacred sexuality


*Learn the keys, tools and steps to achieving Hiero Gamic Union (balancing the masculine & feminine aspects of yourself) through another 


*Understand how to raise your own frequency through self-mastery practices that bring you to a whole level of relationship with yourself and your beloved


"Working with Ajna & Saha 'RA has literally elevated my life to levels unimaginable. They both have provided me comfort, support, healing, inspiration and have coached me into being a better version of myself so I can be a better wife & Mother to my children. They helped me to locate the energy blocks that were preventing me from feeling fully connected to my soul. I am forever grateful!" 


Meet your Spiritual Stewards: Ajna & Saha RA'

Ajna & Saha have a love story that has graced many timelines. They were reunited in this lifetime 15 years ago in the most potent divine encounter that reignited the cellular memory of their Divine Hiero Gamic Union Love. On the day they reunited their were 3 people who shared the exact same birthday which was Ajna's birthday, and they were all standing in a trinity. There was an instantaneous knowing that something divine was occurring and an immediate remembrance and familiarity the moment they locked eyes, it was as if a personal solar flash had occured that immediately activated & ascended their consciousness to a higher octave. In the months and years ahead Ajna & Saha experienced one synchronicity after another, telepathy, past life remembrance recall, outer-body experiences and a love so magical, magnificent and intense that it immediately activated their DNA and expanded their hearts to levels they only dreamed of.  This sacred encounter didn't come without its trials and tribulations.  Their sacred love became a purifier and began to pull up anything that was not a match to the highest frequency and vibration of their highest spiritual mission here on earth. For years the beloveds worked tirelessly in full dedication and devotion on their healing, shadow work, self-mastery and together dove into deep esoteric studies & ascension school, relearning the sacred Emerald Founder Dragon Teachings for 13 devoted years and ultimately was shown their sacred mission as Indigo Starseed Hiero Gamic partners who have incarnated during these times of our planetary ascension to assist in anchoring the lost keys, codes and jewels back into the planetart grids and walk the path in unison as spiritual stewards, Guardians, Gridworkers and Wisdom Keepers, assisting those who are ready for spiritual ascension on their journey and path back home.

Ajna & Saha and have lived lifetimes in the past 15 years and their combined experience, wisdom and embodiment is an asset to anyone who feels a resonance to their frequency and offerings.  



Divine Offering

-3 hour pre-recorded Manifesting Divine Love Masterclass with Ajna & Saha Ra' plus recording of masterclass.

-Live meet & greet, sacred ceremony and Q&A  with Ajna & Saha via zoom answering any questions you may have regarding the masterclass.

-Free Shadow Workbook PDF to assist you and your beloved in cleansing, clearing and transmuting energy blocks, inner child trauma, subconsciousness programs and negative mental & emotional loops that prevent one of achieving the highest spiritual union with self, God and each other. 

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