High Vibrational Healing & Spiritual Guidance

by Jenna Ajna Love



"A healer is not someone that you go to for healing. A healer is someone that triggers within you, your own ability to heal yourself."


A high vibrational, relaxing, pain relieving 45 minute healing session consisting of Sound Therapy - Oxygen Therapy - Infrared Biomat, Essential Oils & Medical Grade Healing Water. Designed to alchemize your mind, body, soul & spirit, assist with pain and deep cellular healing all while raising your vibration to optimal levels which allows for DNA upgrades and light-body activation. 

(45 minute session)
Diet, Health & Wellness Optimization for Lightbody Activation

In depth analysis and life review of your current health, wellness and diet with an entire optimized plan with guidance and focus on detoxification, raising your vibration & your light quotient and bringing your energy levels to the most optimal function. We will focus on bringing all the energy bodies into alignment, mind, body, soul and spirit, giving you an overall wellness revamping that will bring your state of health into balance. Online only.

(first session)



Is there something in your life you need more clarity on? Would you like to look deeper into your blue print to perhaps find a hidden treasure in your energetic that could assist your life on a deeper level? I will look into the crystal ball of your souls energy to explore . I offer a quick one question astro reading based around a particular area of interest you are seeking as it pertains to love, relationships, karma, discordant energies, harmonious energies, career, life purpose, etc. Readings will be emailed in a document.

(1 question)
Mind, body,
soul, spirit, integration

This healing explores the depths of your being through a very extensive "life review process" assisting in locating your life-lessons, karmic patterns, contracts, negative and disharmonious distortions in you energy fields. This is very deep shadow work and will assist you in clearing your subconscious layers so you can embody a life of peace as you discover the blue print of your true self! Online only. 

for analysis w/ 1 email follow up


A magical & blissful healing using high vibrational sound to repair your DNA, re-calibrate your energy, activate your light body and nourish your mind, body, soul & spirit. I use singing bowls, angelic singing, mantras, bells, Shamanic drumming, crystal pyramids and hertz frequency musical vibration to assist in the healing process and movement of energy. Source energy is sound, light and color which is our original divine template. When we connect back to our true essence our bodies immediately respond & raises our frequency to it's original harmonious state. 

45 minute session
includes healing water
Energy Healing, Tune-up & Chakra Balance 

Reiki energy & sound healing that moves stagnant chi and blockages within your cells & chakras, alleviates pain, raises your vibration and realigns your energy bodies. various techniques include qigong, hands of light, tuning forks, body movement, sweeping, essential oils, crystals and whatever I feel drawn to once I connect to your energy fields.  *currently not available. 

(first session)
Spiritual Mentoring & Guidance

Did you have an awakening and aren't quite sure what to do now? Are you feeling lost? Would you like to deepen your connection with your soul & spirit? Do you want to learn more about spiritual ascension & your own evolution during these times? I offer personal guidance and mentoring weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or as needed.

Currently online only.

includes 2 email follow ups

Sacred Relationship 


Spiritual guidance and mentorship for sacred relationship couples, twin flames, soul mates and those wanting to embody more spirituality, love and divine connection. Mentorship is given by Jenna and her beloved twin Vince Love who are Twin flames reunited in this incarnation to embody the Hieros Gamos, Sacred Union of the Divine Masculine & Feminine and to assist others in their sacred alignment.
*couples sound therapy sessions also 

(first session)
Medical Grade 
Molecular Hydrogen Healing Water


Ask how to purchase and distribute the most highest vibrational healing water on the planet. A healing water that has been restored back to its natural source and purest state of life force. Molecular Hydrogen water that has the highest alkalinity and more antioxidants than a barrel of blueberries! Electrolyzed Water that combats oxidative stress within your body and deeply hydrates into your cells where typical water that is dead and stagnant can not penetrate. A healing water that literally detoxifies, purifies, electrolyzes, alkalines, elevates and transforms your body like nothing else. Water is the mother of all life and clean water should be our #1 priority! 

Higher Heart 


Higher Heart Healing Ceremony with your hosts Jenna & Vince Love. Available for events, gatherings & yoga studios! Click link below to learn more about our beautiful healing journey as we share our hearts in divine, loving ceremony.