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"A healer is not someone that you go to for healing. A healer is someone that triggers within you, your own ability to heal yourself."

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Spiritual Mentoring & 
Field Clearing
Diet, Health & Wellness Optimization for Lightbody Activation

This healing explores the depths of your being through a very extensive "life review process" assisting in locating your life-lessons, karmic patterns, contracts, negative and disharmonious distortions in your energy fields and emotional and mental body, using my gifts of clairvoyance, auto-writingastrology, numerology and energy field assessmentThis healing offering will assist you in understanding your patterns, behaviors, emotions and personal frequency & will aid in integration of your subconscious layers so you can embody a life of peace as you discover the blue print of your true self! Online only/email assessment. 

Did you have an awakening and aren't quite sure what to do now? Are you feeling lost? Are you carrying pain, confusion, trauma and sadness you can't seem to transcend?Would you like to deepen your connection with your soul & spirit? Do you want to learn more about spiritual ascension? Do you need deeper soul healing, clearing and assistance with transmuting all blocks and distortions within your fields? I offer personal guidance and mentoring and provide a higher spiritual perspective, soul reading and analysis of your personal energy fields to assist you on your life path. We will also be doing a meditation and energy field clearing for deep cellular healing and transmutation. 1 hr session. 

Online & Zoom Calls

An in depth analysis and life review of your current health, wellness, diet/nutrition and daily fitness flow with an entire optimized plan offering wellness guidance and direction that focuses on detoxification, purification, raising your vibration & light quotient and bringing your energy levels to the most optimal function. This optimization will provide a wellness revamping that will prepare  your physical vessel for the next stage of your spiritual embodiment as we continue to move into the higher frequencies of the Age of Light. As our bodies shift from carbon to crystalline structure, it is of great importance that we purify our body temple.
 Online only.

for analysis w/ 1 email follow up

includes 2 email follow ups

Includes 2 email follow ups
Shadow Work



Shadow work is the most critical component of our healing, spiritual and ascension journey. All the things that we suppressed, repressed, denied and rejected within ourselves gets stored in our subconscious mind and shadow body.  If we do not make our subconscious, conscious and integrate our shadow, we will not be able to ascend beyond our current level of consciousness and become whole. I will provide you with a shadow workbook that will guide you on this journey and will do an astrological soul reading to locate your disharmonious aspects within your blueprint that could be causing you blocks in your life. This powerful combination will allow for in depth soul fragment healing. *online only.

for soul reading analysis &
shadow workbook, w/ 2 emails




My shadow workbook is a very intensive and personal guide for one to delve deep within the subconscious layers, addressing the internal pain, memories, trauma wounds and overlays within your emotional body that have been pushed aside, repressed and hidden within the corners of your past. I have carefully and thoughtfully orchestrated a workbook consisting of very targeted questions that will allow you to truly connect to those deep layers within yourself with the goal of bringing all the pain, trauma, patterns, habits and negative distortions to your conscious mind for the ultimate clearing, healing, purification and spiritual transformation. This workbook is an amazing tool for those already committed to their shadow work and healing journey and just want that extra guidance. *the shadow workbook is in a pdf format and will be emailed to you. 

(Shadow workbook PDF)
Session Healing Experience

Is there something in your life you need more clarity on? Would you like to look deeper into your blue print to perhaps find a hidden treasure in your energetic that could assist your life on a deeper level? I will look into the crystal ball of your souls energy to explore . I offer a quick one question astro reading based around a particular area of interest you are seeking as it pertains to love, relationships, karma, discordant energies, harmonious energies, career, life purpose, etc. Readings will be emailed in a document.

(1 question)

A magical custom-tailored healing experience created specifically for your energetic template and physical & spiritual needs. I connect with each clients energy fields and customize the healing after an energy assessment.  This session consists of a variety of high vibrational healing modalities including pranic breathwork, guided meditation, etheric energy clearing, reiki movement & sacred sound healing that moves stagnant chi and blockages within your cells & chakras, alleviates pain, raises your vibration and realigns and awakens your energy bodies for rapid healing and expansion. Also includes, infrared biomat, essential oil therapy & medical grade healing water. *Sessions are accompanied by my beloved Twin Flame who leads a shamanic journey. 


(45 minute session)
Sacred Relationship 


Spiritual guidance and mentorship for sacred relationship couples, twin flames, soul mates and those wanting to embody more spirituality, love and divine connection. Mentorship is given by Jenna Love and her beloved sacred partner Saha Love who  reunited in this incarnation to embody the Hieros Gamos, Sacred Union of the Divine Masculine & Feminine and to assist others in their sacred alignment.
*couples sound therapy sessions also 

(first session)

Molecular Hydrogen Healing Water

Ask how to purchase and distribute the most highest vibrational healing water on the planet. A healing water that has been restored back to its natural source and purest state of life force. Molecular Hydrogen water that has the highest alkalinity and more antioxidants in one glass than a barrel of blueberries! Electrolyzed Water that combats oxidative stress within your body and deeply hydrates into your cells where typical water that is dead and stagnant can not penetrate. A healing water that literally detoxifies, purifies, electrolyzes, alkalines, elevates and transforms your body like nothing else. Water is the mother of all life and clean water should be our #1 priority! 

Spirit Journey


Sacred soul partners, Jenna Ajna Love and Saha Love, take you on a beautiful, mystical & transcendental spirit journey using the the transformative healing properties of deep pranic kundalini activating breath work, guided meditation, the divine frequencies of sacred sound and shamanic journey, etheric energy healing and a heart opening healing circle where all have the opportunity to hold space for one another as we join our higher hearts in sacred union.  *Available for yoga studios, health centers, special events & gatherings