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Mind, Body, Soul & Spirit Integration

"Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit. When one is free from physical disabilities and mental distractions, the gates of the soul open. --B.K.S Lyengar


Are you ready to make a big change but don't no where to start? Do you feel stuck in the same karmic patterns and aren't sure how to stop the loop? Do you keep making the same mistakes and drawing people, situations and negative energies into your life? Would you like to explore the depths of your energetic blue-print and energies you are carrying in your astral thought forms and subconscious mind?

We all need a little push from time-to-time, someone on the outside to help uplift, inspire and light the way. By connecting and channeling to my clients & gathering extensive information, an overall "life review" covering lifestyle, diet, ailments, disease, current issues or concerns, past unresolved issues, wants, wishes, desires and anything else of true importance that could be blocking you from your fullest potential, I use my intuitive abilites, channeling, astrology and numerology to create an analysis and provide you a detailed map outlining and covering where all the energy blockages may be in your life as well as put you on track to a new lifestyle change based on your life review. Once I truly connect with your vibration I will channel in higher sources through deep meditation, prayer, intention and also provide a distant Reiki healing and fully integrate all of my practices with my intuitive empathic abilities and healing gifts to your beautiful mind, body soul & spirit for ultimate high vibrational healing.

Once I am finished working on your "life review", I will email you a full PDF that will include the full analysis. This analysis is designed to steer you back on the path to health, wellness and healing and to provide you with an in-depth overview of areas in your life that could be blocking you from reaching your higher-self and living your best life. 
I will also focus on areas of your true gifts and potentials and point you in the direction of your life purpose in this lifetime.

I am here to be of service to humanity by offering my love, light, wisdom and guidance and to remind each of you of the incredible power within your own being.  My goal is help you get your life back on track or to enhance your healing by assisting you in the re-calibration of your Mind, Body, Soul & Spirit through my healing techniques in hopes that your life will blossom the most beautiful garden of happiness! 
**This healing is done on-line through email.

$150 for first Analysis. Includes 1 follow up of questions.
$75 for each further analysis with 1 email follow up.


*Once payment is received please allow up to 2 weeks for first analysis.
*Once payment is received you will get an email with a list of questions to get started on your life review analysis.
*Monthly reports, emails, questions and assistance will be an additional rate upon request.

Unconditional Love, Trust, honesty, Integrity, Morality and true ethics are my promise.
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