High Vibrational Healing & Spiritual Guidance

by Jenna Ajna Love

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Higher Heart Healing Ceremony

with your hosts Jenna & Vince Love

Our heart complex is the portal that leads us to the eternal God Source energy and to our highest spiritual embodiment. Once we make a commitment to heal, we immediately tell the universe we are ready to open our hearts, expand our consciousness and raise our personal vibration.  Let us heal and expand our hearts together not only healing ourselves, but ultimately healing the world! 

Twin Flames, Jenna and Vince Love, take you on a beautiful & peaceful healing journey using the the healing properties of pranic breath work, the divine frequencies of sacred sound, shamanic drumming, etheric energy healing, deep transformative guided meditation tapping into the subconscious mind, structured healing water offering and ceremony and a heart opening healing circle where all have the opportunity to hold space for one another as we join our higher hearts in sacred union.  

During these times of great change and transition on our planet we are moving into the higher heart octave of 5D unity consciousness which is a frequency of unconditional love, peace, compassion, joy, heart expansion, non-judgement and divine union of the masculine and feminine aspects of creation,  as we come together to unite the peace, health and wholeness which is our natural state of vibration.   As we join in unity with the intention of opening our hearts deeper to healing and love, raising our vibrations together to be aligned into that same frequency, we not only heal ourselves, but we heal our community and ultimately our world. Frequency, energy and vibration is the universal language of our existence, it is not bound by location.  The light waves emanating from our heart and auric fields that are tuned into the frequency of pure love, reverberates outward into the entire collective. Let us join hearts in sacred ceremony. We look forward to sharing our love, light and wisdom and gathering with all who tune into our resonance.

Ceremony details

*Ceremonies consist of a sacred herb & essential oil anointing and vibration uplift, prayers and chants, connecting to our higher heart and activating chi through deep pranic breath work, etheric energy healing, sacred sound attuning using singing bowls, gong, shamanic drum, bells, and crystal triangle, a deep transformative guided meditation designed to explore the deeper layers of the subconscious mind, journal writing, holding space as we share our hearts, vulnerability and feelings, healing water activation and clearing and angel cards. 

*Dress very comfortably - preferably clothed in a white garment representing your highest, most purest, divine self and devotion to your spiritual path.

*Higher Heart Healing Ceremonies run about an hour and a half.

*Bring a yoga mat and blanket unless studio or event space provides these items. 

*A glass of healing water is provided but we suggest to bring your own water as well.

*Pen and paper provided for journaling after meditation. 

*Bring a heart full of love!

*Available for yoga studios & health center bookings, events and personal gatherings.