High Vibrational Healing & Spiritual Leadership

by Jenna Ajna Love

Emerald Heart Tribe


Holding heart space in zoom calls & healing circle's uniting in non judgmental & unconditional love, as we open our hearts, share, laugh, learn and heal together! 


Emerald Heart Tribe will consist of heart based zoom calls and healing circles, holding heart space as we gather in alignment within the frequency of unity consciousness, spiritual ethics & principles and unconditional love. Emerald Heart Tribe will be facilitated by Jenna Ajna Love & will also include special guests covering topics such as spirituality, health & wellness, self-care, ascension, current events and real life talk! Most of all it's a space to open our hearts and allow ourselves to be vulnerable and open in our communication, allowing ourselves to feel supported and nurtured as we learn, heal and expand our heart chakra which is the portal to our highest spiritual path.

We Are alive during a time of major transformation on our planet and are all enduring so many changes within and all around us. It is so important during these times to gather with like minded souls sharing our hearts and voices and knowing we are seen, heard and not alone on this  journey. Let's face it, these times are heavy and exhausting for everyone but they are also exciting because we are literally moving into a brand new age! As we move into the higher vibrations, our consciousness will converge to be more unifed and community will be a very important part of our happiness & evolution as we move forward. 

All who join our Tribe must agree to our code of ethics below and be fully committed on their personal healing journey. Looking forward to connecting with all of you beloveds! 

For more information, updates, events & special guests join our instagram. *must have strong spiritual ethics and be committed to your personal healing journey. Our principles are based in Unity Consciousness & Unconditional Love.  If anyone in the group calls do not honor our code of ethics, we will kindly ask you to leave the call or circle to protect the other members. This is a safe container of love and connection and our Tribe members are asked to honor and respect all. 


*Must be in a place of pure, non judgmental, unconditional love.

*Must have strong spiritual ethics and principles.
*Must be aligned in unity consciousness, I becomes we. 

*Must be committed to your personal healing journey. 

*Must stand in neutrality and not create sides or separation no matter the topic.

*Must laugh, play, be joyful and have fun! 

*All communication is in honor, truth, integrity & transparency.

Be At One with All, as One is All with God.
Law of One

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