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Cosmic Solar Dragons

Blue Ray Templar Gridkeepers


Let us join our powerful forces in unity consciousness to anchor, stabilize and rehabilitate the Planetary Grids, Dragon Nodes, Ley Lines and Stargates with our activated and upgraded DNA, lightbody and sacred crystal hearts. Together we will transmit higher frequency and light codes back into the Edenic lands of beloved Earth, Tara, Gaia, and eradicate, dissolve and transmute dead light, miasma, inversions, implants and negative energy which will assist in restoring the sacred Dragon nodes, planetary grids, chalice points, and all Divine architecture of our original holy blueprint within our beloved planet, our own energy bodies and our entire Universal Time Matrix.  Together we will anchor, braid and weave in the sacred keys, codes and architecture of the Golden Age Timeline. We hold the most powerful God technology within our very own DNA and the time has come for us to unite our light, to assist in the full liberation of our beloved planet and all our brothers & sisters of humanity. 

**Blue Ray Templar Gridkeeper events consists of online zoom gatherings and on location Grid-work assignments at various locations in need of alchemical transmutation, soul transiting and frequency upgrades. Together we will become harmonic resonators with our combined light codes and sacred sound tones to restore, rehabilitate and repair all hijacked land mass running reversal codes and holding immense trauma, negative energy and miasma, back to it's original divine blueprint and Dragon architecture. We will also assist in transiting souls who are stuck within the lands and in-between dimensions from severe trauma. Gridwork is such an important mission during these times of restoration and reclamation on planet earth and within our entire Universal Time Matrix. Many Starseeds and Indigos are remembering their mission during these times as Gridworkers, Gatekeepers and Guardians of the earth! It is so important during these times to bring our light, hearts and consciousness together with focused intentions to reclaim our divinity, restore the sacred codes of creation within our bodies and crystalline grids, and assist in activating the the highest timeline while here on earth. 
Attention Templars, Guardians and Gridkeepers!
Ankh Eternal Living Light
Gridworkers - Timekeepers
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