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Reactivating the Divine Frequency of your Soul

Cosmic Oracle / Spiritual Steward / Ascension Educator 
Healing Facilitator / Gridworker / Astrologer

Welcome to Soul Harmonics Healing Temple & Cosmic Classroom - the cosmic realm of Jenna Ajna Love - an ascension school for those who are ready to become reactivated as true wisdom keepers and guardians of the earth. Jenna Ajna Love is an Indigo Star-seed in full service as a way shower of God/Goddess and the Krystic Rehabilitation mission here to restore the Emerald Covenant and activate the divine, sacred keys and codes of our DNA, higher crystal hearts and the earths crystalline grids, with the goal of leading all back to source.


"I am here as a conduit of source energy to assist all souls who have chosen personal ascension in their ability to embody and transmit higher frequency through deep cellular clearing, energy body rehabilitation and re-education of their innate power and God technology. It is my mission to assist in the restoration and healing of the heart & soul of humanity through deep soul healing, consciousness expansion and multidimensional evolutionary assistance as a healing facilitator, Energy Intuitive, ascension educator, Grid-worker and spiritual steward paving the way for planetary liberation into the Golden Age."


When you enter the Soul Harmonics Healing Temple you will find various forms of deep soul healing offerings that will lead you to spiritual gnosis through self inquiry, emotional clearing, shadow integration & mind, body, soul, spirit integration for your journey of self-mastery.  You will also find ascension education, musical activations, Meditations, workshops & wisdom teachings in our Cosmic Classroom designed to ignite & activate you into remembrance of your original divine blueprint, re-educate you on Krystic principles and spiritual science and to catapult you into your highest frequency and highest potential for your evolutionary spiritual embodiment.  Prepare for activation! 

“You are every thing, every being, every emotion, every event, every situation.
You are unity.You are infinity. You are love/light, light/love.
You are. This is the Law of One.”

― Ra, Law of One: By RA an Humble Messenger




This Advanced Guided Meditation is designed to trigger key activation codes within your cells and DNA for the deepest of healing, clearing, cleansing, purging and transmutation of negative energy, negative entity attachments, implants, cords, negative programming, blockages, deep trauma wounds and reversal currents within all of your energy bodies and lightbody that are blocking you from your true state of divine perfection, wholeness and peace.

breakthrough technology


This miraculous and profound breakthrough technology is liquid life force (the molecules of life) in a bottle and is the only technology like it in the world. The results and success stories are astonishing!


We were made in the image of our creator and have the most incredible God Technology within our cells & DNA. Unfortunately, our species has digressed over thousands of years and humans have become overburdened with stress, toxins, karma, pain, sickness and disease. The oxidative stress and digression has caused our cells and DNA to rapidly break down and most people aren't doing anything to repair or signal new cells and this is causing major decline in our health, vitality and longevity.


We have now reached a time on our planet where our planet and her inhabitants are evolving. our bodies are mutating and ascending from a carbon based structure to a crystalline silica based structure. We must purify, cleanse, restore, rejuvenate and rebalance our bodies at the most optimum levels so we can truly assist this incredible process of our evolution and live our best possible life with superior health and vitality while in this human body on earth.

Redox molecules signal every process of life and now humanity has an opportunity to heal at unprecedented levels. This supplement is truly a gift to humanity and the whole world needs to know about it!

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"single greatest health science breakthrough of our lifetime".


Join Jenna Ajna Love as she gets up close and personal with guests from all walks of life, sharing hearts, stories, visions, wisdom and experiences in raw, organic, vulnerability and authenticity with the hopes to uplift, inspire and activate Codes of Awakening within you!

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Together we will we raise our vibration, heal our hearts, expand our consciousness and activate codes of awakening within our soul. 


Earth is rapidly shifting her vibration and we need to raise our frequency & vibration as well to move with ease along side of her. If we are not addressing all of our energy bodies and focusing on raising our vibration through self-mastery by doing the deep soul work and using our various healing spiritual tools, we will unfortunately be met with resistance and discomfort from these highly charged photonic plasma waves that are upgrading our DNA and cellular structure.


We can not activate our Light body and move ahead in our evolution if we do not clear away the density that keeps us stuck in the lower chakras. It is absolutely critical that we cleanse, clear, purify and transmute all negative density from our mind, body, soul & spirit as this is a prerequisite to our souls highest ascension and embodiment.  


Book a session with me today and let me guide you back to your most optimum state of health, wholeness & highest vibrational frequency. I am here as a conduit of love, light, wisdom and healing to assist you in getting to the core root of all potential blocks within your energy bodies, helping to raise your light quotient, activate your light body and achieve optimal healing, cleansing, clearing, integration and transmutation so you can live according to your highest potential and highest spiritual path. Email to Inquire! 

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Musical Identity "AJNA"



Diamond Sun was written through channeled meditation by the higher self of Ajna and has activation & trigger codes that will awaken your soul into remembrance of your true Angelic Diamond Sun DNA, which is your original 12 strand DNA template. Allow the frequency and vibration to expand your consciousness, uplifting you into the realm of truth, love & joy as expansion takes flight deep within your soul and reconnects you to your true multidimensional self and divine blueprint. Remember who you are!

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Spirit Journey

using the alchemy of sacred sound, pranic breath work & etheric energy healing to connect your mind-body-soul-spirit in sacred marriage, inducing a high capacity for healing, higher heart activation, consciousness expansion and transformation. 

Emerald Dragon Gridworker Events

2024 Events being planned in the ethers.

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