High Vibrational Healing & Spiritual Guidance

by Jenna Ajna Love

Re-harmonizing your frequency back to it's natural resonance of health, vibration & light

Welcome to the consciousness space of your Cosmic Sister of the Stars! I am honored to be here on earth during this incredible shift to a new age as we transition into a period of light. I offer my heart in loving spiritual service as a frequency activator and spiritual leader of the New Earth assisting in planetary ascension and evolution through various forms of inspiration, high vibrational healing, Spiritual guidance, higher consciousness expansion and education, mind-body-soul-spirit integration, Divine transmissions & musical activations. 

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in
terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

-- Nikola Tesla


Earth is rapidly shifting her vibration and we need to raise our frequency & vibration as well to move with ease along side of her. If we are not addressing all of our energy bodies and focusing on raising our vibration through self-mastery by doing the deep soul work and using our various healing spiritual tools, we will unfortunately be met with resistance and discomfort from these highly charged photonic plasma waves that are upgrading our DNA and cellular structure.


We can not activate our Light body and move ahead in our evolution if we do not clear away the density that keeps us stuck in the lower chakras. It is absolutely critical that we cleanse, clear, purify and transmute all negative density from our mind, body, soul & spirit as this is a prerequisite to our souls highest ascension and embodiment.  


Book a mind, body, soul, spirit integration session with me today and let me guide you back to your most optimum state of vibrational frequency, assisting you in raising your light quotient, activating your light body and achieving optimal healing to live according to your highest potential and highest frequency. Email to Inquire! 


Check out Jenna Ajna Love's 
Musical Identity "AJNA"


Diamond Sun was written through channeled meditation by the higher self of Ajna and has activation & trigger codes that will awaken your soul into remembrance of your true Angelic Diamond Sun DNA, which is your original 12 strand DNA template. Allow the frequency and vibration to expand your consciousness, uplifting you into the realm of truth, love & joy as expansion takes flight deep within your soul and reconnects you to your true multidimensional self and divine blueprint. Remember who you are!

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Higher Heart Healing Ceremony


"change your water, change your life"

Did you know you can reprogram and regenerate your cells, upgrade your DNA and raise your vibration and consciousness from the water you drink?


Our bodies are made up of over 70% water! 99% by molecular count. Our brains are over 90% and our blood is over 90%.  We invest our time, money and efforts into eating nutritious foods, pampering ourselves with beauty products, nice clothes, nice homes but why aren't we investing more effort into the water we drink which is truly the Mother of all life? Are you ready to achieve the most optimal health and age rewind yourself?




Water is the driving force of all nature. 
-Leonardo Da Vinci

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