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Welcome all Starseeds, Earthseeds, Lightworkers & Wisdom Keepers!

Step into the portal of Soul Harmonics Healing Temple & Cosmic Classroom - an Ascension School and Krystal Cathedral Healing Temple for those who are ready to become reactivated as true Wisdom Keepers and Guardians of the earth and be re-educated in the true curriculum of our creation through Multidimensional Healing Support, Self-Mastery Mentorship, Spiritual Guidance, Ascension Education and Lightbody Activation.

Ajna Love - Indigo Starseed - Lyran/Sirian/Pleiadian

Reactivating the Divine Frequency of your Soul

Welcome to the cosmic realm of Ajna Love 

Cosmic Oracle / Ascension Teacher / Gridworker

 Quantum Healing Facilitator / Galactic Guardian 

Astrologer / Etheric Energy Worker

MISSION DIRECTIVE: to assist all souls who have chosen personal ascension in their ability to embody and transmit higher frequency through the facilitation of multidimensional healing and re-education of their innate love, light, power and God technology. I have assisted thousands of beautiful souls on their ascension journey, it is my honor be of spiritual service to humanity!


When you enter the Soul Harmonics Healing Temple you will find various forms of deep soul healing offerings and wisdom teachings that will lead you to multidimensional expansion and spiritual gnosis through self inquiry on your journey of self-mastery.  You will find ascension education, advanced meditations, multidimensional healing modalities, musical  activations, workshops, online courses & wisdom teachings in our Cosmic Classroom designed to ignite & activate you into remembrance of your original divine blueprint, re-educate you on Krystic principles and spiritual science and to catapult you into your highest frequency and potential for your evolutionary spiritual embodiment.


Your Cosmic Oracle and Ascension Guide, Ajna Love, is an Indigo Star-seed in full service and devotion as a way shower of God/Goddess and the Krystic Rehabilitation mission here to restore the Emerald Covenant and activate the divine, sacred keys and codes of our DNA, higher crystal hearts and the earths crystalline grids, with the goal of leading all back to source and ushering in heaven on earth. 





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Spiritual Healing Tools

Shadow work is pre-requisite for Ascension. Purchase the Shadow workbook today to catapult your healing journey!

Ajna's shadow workbook - "Shadow Exploration for Spiritual Transformation" is a very intensive and personal healing guide for one to delve deep within the heart, soul and subconscious layers, addressing the internal pain, memories, trauma wounds, triggers, negative overlays, patterns and loops within your emotional body that have been pushed aside, repressed and hidden within the corners of your childhood and other timelines. Ajna has carefully and thoughtfully orchestrated a workbook consisting of very targeted questions that will allow you to truly connect to those deep layers within yourself with the goal of bringing all the pain, trauma, patterns, habits and negative distortions to your conscious mind for the ultimate clearing, healing, purification and spiritual transformation. This workbook is an amazing tool for ones healing journey and is a pre-requisite for personal ascension. 

*The shadow workbook is in a PDF format and will be emailed to you upon purchase.


Quantum Healing Sessions

We can not activate our light-body and move ahead in our evolution if we do not clear away the density that keeps us stuck in the lower personality matrix triad/dimension/frequency band, preventing us from fully embodying our Soul, Monadic & ultimately our Avatar Matrix. It is absolutely critical that we educate ourselves on what is happening on earth and understand both the negative and positive polarity within the world and within ourselves, so we can achieve full integration. It is of high importance that we cleanse, clear, purify and transmute all negative density, trauma, miasma, implants, cords, tags and attachments from our mind, body, soul & spirit, as this is a prerequisite to our souls highest ascension and embodiment. AJNA is here to assist in this process through a wide variety of potent healing offerings that will assist you in your own alchemical transformation. Visit the Healing Temple for offerings and book a session today!

Advanced Meditations

Advanced Guided Meditations by Ajna, designed to trigger key activation codes within your cells and DNA for the deepest of healing, clearing, cleansing, purging and transmutation of negative energy, negative entity attachments, implants, cords, negative programming, blockages, deep trauma wounds and reversal currents within all of your energy bodies and lightbody that are blocking you from your true state of divine perfection, wholeness and peace. During these times of Ascension our bodies are mutating and transforming from carbon based to Crystalline. We must assist in this process by purifying our vessels and transmuting all densification and miasma that blocks us from receiving the Solar Plasma Activation Codes of light and sound that is recoding, re-encrypting and recalibrating our elemental body and DNA back to our original divine blueprint.

Are you ready to restore your health, extend your longevity and assist in activating your lightbody?



This miraculous and profound breakthrough technology is liquid life force (the molecules of life) in a bottle and is the only technology like it in the world. The results and success stories are astonishing! The whole world must know about this liquid light because it is here to help heal the health of a chronically sick, fatigued, dis-eased and unhealthy population, back to their original optimal state of health, as God Source intended. It is truly a benevolent gift to humanity!


By the age of 10 we stop producing Redox molecules by 10% in our body, by 50 we only produce half the redox molecules inside our body, by the age of 70 only 10%. We now have the opportunity to replenish and give our bodies back the redox molecules responsible for all of life and restore our bodies back to the most optimal state of health and vitality. ASEA’s breakthrough technology provides critical communication and connection between cells, which ensures optimal revitalization and renewal, and supports the development of healthy, new cells. It is the only supplement in the world certified by a third-party lab to contain redox molecules.


This incredible technology is the perfect liquid light elixir that also works on a quantum level to assist our ascending bodies during this massive shift we are all under going on the planet as we move into the new age of light. We are literally mutating from carbon based structure to more etheric, silicate and crystalline and it is so important to assist our bodies in this process to restore our health, activate our lightbody and extend our longevity! 


Diamond Sun was written through a channeled meditation by Ajna's higher self and has activation & trigger codes that will awaken your soul into remembrance of your true Angelic Diamond Sun DNA, which is your original 12 strand DNA template. Allow the frequency and vibration to expand your consciousness, uplifting you into the realm of truth, love & joy as expansion takes flight deep within your soul and reconnects you to your true multidimensional self and divine blueprint. Remember who you are!



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Cosmic Feedback from Star Humans

Ajna is one of the most authentic people I've ever met. She is cosmic but yet, down-to-earth and extremely loving and kind. I did a Quantum Soul Session with her and I could actually feel my entire body tingling during the lightbody scan and her auto-write channel was so on point I felt it through every cell in my body. Ajna is also very humble and always reminds you of your own power during our session unlike many other people I have worked with that make really big claims. I gained so much more clarity about my spiritual path and my mission and felt so much lighter after our session. I am so grateful!  --Ariana S, CA

Ankh - Eternal Life - Hieros Gamos
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